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Month: March 2018

Las Vegas Pedestrian Accident Attorneys

All around Las Vegas, there are sights that grab the attention of both drivers and pedestrians. Bright lights, flashing signs, one-of-a-kind buildings and interesting sidewalk activities can be major distractions. These distractions set the stage for pedestrian/car accidents — accidents that can lead to serious injuries.

At the Law Offices, our Las Vegas pedestrian accident attorneys are committed to going above and beyond to help the people we represent. We help you obtain compensation for medical bills, pain and suffering, lost wages and other damages. We will also assist you with medical issues, such as finding the right doctor, and anything else you need help with.

Positioning Your Pedestrian Accident Case for Success

At our law firm, our Nevada injury lawyers believe in getting started immediately. By quickly beginning our pedestrian accident investigation, we can be sure that nothing is missed. We know how to gather every fact necessary to build a strong case.

Even in extremely complex situations, such as hit-and-run pedestrian accidents, our ability to conduct thorough investigations has helped us achieve a high level of success. Our Las Vegas pedestrian accident attorneys are ready to get started in pursuit of success for you.

Using Our Experience to Get Results

At our law firm, you will find lawyers who have represented accident victims for more than a decade. Both residents and tourists turn to us for help, knowing that we have the experience to pursue fair compensation in pedestrian accident cases.

Free Consultations with a Las Vegas Pedestrian Accident Attorney
Our team handles all personal injury cases, including pedestrian accidents, on a contingency basis. That means we receive no fee unless we get results.

Contact us today to discuss your case with an experienced attorney.

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Filing Personal Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Get a Fresh Start Through Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

At the Law Offices of Barry Levinson, we understand that anyone can get overwhelmed by debt. Perhaps a costly medical emergency starts it off. Maybe an adjustable rate mortgage brings some surprises. No matter what the reason behind your debt load, there are options available to help you find relief.

Filing Chapter 7 personal bankruptcy is one of those options.

To determine if this is the debt relief option that makes the most sense for you, our lawyers will take the time to fully assess your situation. We will look at your income. We will look at your bills. We will take great care to make certain that you only move forward if it truly makes sense in your situation.

How Does It Work?

In theory, Chapter 7 bankruptcy involves a process called asset liquidation. This does not mean that all of your assets will be taken away. You will be able to hold on to certain property. For instance, most filers are able to keep their home.

At our law firm, we take pride in helping people who qualify for Chapter 7 bankruptcy to eliminate debt while keeping their lives intact.

How Long Does It Take?

Chapter 7 bankruptcy is fast. Once you have filed, it usually takes only a matter of months before everything is resolved. You could be free of debt in less than a year.

Using Our Experience to Get Results

For more than a decade, we have been helping people in Las Vegas and throughout Nevada overcome debt. We are proud of the fact that we have helped many people fully exercise their legal options by filing bankruptcy and getting a fresh start on their financial futures.

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