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Eliminating Credit Card Debt

Eliminating Credit Card Debt

Credit Card Debt: You Can Overcome It

One of the most common financial problems that people have to deal with is credit card debt. Credit card companies offer people ridiculously high limits. They provide impressive introductory offers. They do everything they can to get people to build huge amounts of credit card debt. Then, once they accomplish their goal, they start harassing people to pay the debt back.

At the Law Offices of Barry Levinson, we are committed to helping people overcome credit card debt by filing bankruptcy. There is a way out of debt. We can help you find it.

Eliminating Debt by Filing Bankruptcy

Our lawyers believe in the importance of personal service. When you enlist us to help you overcome your credit card debt, we will start by taking the time to analyze the debt. We will review your income. We will consider every option.

Two of the most common options are Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy:

* Chapter 7 bankruptcy involves completely eliminating most debts, including credit card debt, through the process of asset liquidation.
* Chapter 13 bankruptcy involves creating a debt consolidation plan and making manageable payments to eliminate your credit card debt.

You can be confident that we will answer all of your questions and provide you with the information you need to make the decision that is right for you. We are here to help. Using Our Experience to Get Results

At our law firm, we draw from more than a decade of experience to help people overcome debt. In Las Vegas and throughout Nevada, people turn to us because they know that we are committed to helping them do the right thing based on their unique situation.

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