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Las Vegas Dog Bite Injury Lawyers

Las Vegas Dog Bite Injury Lawyers

If you or a loved one has been bitten by a dangerous dog or exotic animal, you have the right to pursue legal action for your injuries. Many pet owners fail to take responsibility for their pets, letting them go off the leash when pets should be controlled, or keeping exotic pets which are not suitable for the home. Dog bite injuries by themselves can be quite serious, leading to scarring, disfigurement and the trauma of being bitten by an aggressive mammal with 42 sharp teeth!

The attorneys at theĀ  law firm have been representing clients injured by the carelessness of others since 1998. In that time we have gained the

respect of clients we serve in the Las Vegas area and throughout Nevada, because the Law Offices put their interests first.

For a confidential consultation with a skilled dog bite injury attorney, contact our Las Vegas or Pahrump, Nevada law office.

Pursuing Compensation for your Losses

Small children are most likely to sustain serious dog bite injuries, which often include the following:

  • Scarring and disfigurement on the face or neck requiring plastic surgery
  • Serious injuries to the hands, arms or legs
  • Psychological trauma requiring long-term therapy
  • Painful rabies shots if the dog cannot be located for testing
  • We understand that serious injuries warrant serious compensation. Our attorneys pursue money damages through the pet owner’s homeowner’s insurance policy. We have deep experience in working with insurance companies due to our focus on personal injury law, and look at present and future needs.

Will reconstructive surgery be needed to restore mobility? Have you lost work time due to being bitten by a dangerous dog or exotic pet? Is your child awakened by nightmares after the attack? We will not rest until you and your family member are awarded maximum compensation.

Investigating your Claim

Every pet bite case is unique. A Nevada dog bite injury lawyer will investigate the accident thoroughly, talking to eyewitnesses, obtaining copies of the police report, and gathering medical evidence. We look at the claim from every angle, considering the long-term health effects on the victim. Is the dog considered dangerous? Was the dog or exotic pet under control of the pet owner when the attack occurred? Has this type of incident happened before on the premises?

Free Consultations with a Nevada Dog Bite Injury Lawyer

You are entitled to compensation for your losses, including medical expenses and lost wages. Contact a Las Vegas dog bite injury lawyer a tour Las Vegas or Pahrump law office today.

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