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Las Vegas Slip and Fall Accident Attorneys

Las Vegas Slip and Fall Accident Attorneys

If you or someone you love has been hurt in a slip and fall accident, you have a right to take action against the property owner for negligence. A Las Vegas slip and fall attorney can help you pursue compensation for medical bills, pain and suffering, lost wages and other damages.

Slip and fall attorneys in Las Vegas at the Law Offices of Barry Levinson can help. Whether the accident took place at a grocery store, a gas station, a casino or anyplace else in Nevada, you can be confident that we have the experience to pursue the results you need.

Slip and Fall Accidents: Surprisingly Challenging Cases

Many Clark County law firms simply don’t handle slip and fall cases. Many Nevada premises liability lawyers consider them too challenging. At our law firm, our slip and fall accident attorneys are up to the challenge.

The reason slip and fall cases are so challenging is because of the gray area that exists: the question of what a property owner is and is not responsible for — and the answer is not always clear cut.

Our Las Vegas slip and fall attorneys take great care to conduct a thorough investigation. We will find out if the accident was preventable. We will determine if the condition that caused the accident was something the owner of the property knew about or should have known about, and had the opportunity to fix. The facts we gather will be used to develop a strong legal strategy, one that is designed to get you fair compensation.

Using Our Experience to Get Results

Our law firm was founded in 1998. Since then, our Nevada premises liability lawyers have helped many people, both residents and tourists, get fair compensation for accidents that took place throughout the state. We take pride in what we do. We believe in what we do. We believe we can help you.

Free Consultations with a Las Vegas Slip and Fall Accident Attorney

Our team handles all personal injury cases, including premises liability cases, on a contingency basis. That means we receive no fee unless we get results.

Contact us today to discuss your case with an experienced Las Vegas slip and fall attorney.

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