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Stopping Repossession

Stopping Repossession

Save Your Car. Save Your Possessions.

You do not have to simply stand by and watch as your car gets repossessed because of late car payments. You do not simply have to stand by and watch as your television, home appliances or other possessions get taken away. You have options.

At the Law Offices, our lawyers can explain your options. You can be certain that we will stand by your side to help you keep what is yours.

Stop Repossession by Filing Bankruptcy

When you come to our law firm, we will not simply tell you what to do. That wouldn’t make sense, because everyone’s situation is different. We will first take the time to analyze your income and look over your bills. When we suggest an option to help you stop vehicle repossession, you can be certain it is based on your unique situation.

For most people, there are two options, Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy:

* Chapter 7 bankruptcy involves completely eliminating most debts through asset liquidation, which sometimes allows people to keep their cars or other important possessions.

* Chapter 13 bankruptcy involves creating a debt consolidation plan and is the most common method used to stop repossession of property.

You have the right to ask questions before you decide what to do. We’re here to answer those questions. We’re here to help.

Using Our Experience to Get Results

More than ten years have passed since we began helping people stop repossession. In that time, we have helped many people in Las Vegas and throughout Nevada. We want you to know that our experience can help you overcome your debt.

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